Mahogany Keyboard Cover

So this was a quick project I thought would be fun late on a friday. The premise here is simple: take some wood veneer and cutout key covers for a usb keyboard we had around to give it a nice wood finish look. There are a few examples out there for macbook keyboards that I’ve seen (I think there was a kickstarter for one recently). The keyboard we had in house is VERY similar to the Apple wireless keyboard, though […]

Radius Gauge

So, one of the tricky things you find with modeling physical parts is that its very difficult to accurately measure the curvature of a face or radius on a fillet. Often, a set of calipers will get most of the linear measurements accurately, but we’re stuck guessing or making up the radius of parts when modeling them in CAD. So I looked around at some samples of radius gauges on the market and decided to take a few minutes to […]

Bridgeport CNC Retrofit

Our Bridgeport Series I Boss 7 CNC Mill came with the original control system, along with the infamous automatic tool changer (this has been regarded as one of the worst CNC tool changers ever made). The machine was in great condition mechanically, but having the original control system means it had servo motors driven by quite old electronics. It was the perfect candidate for a retrofit to newer, upgraded controls. The first steps we took were in an effort to […]

Shop Equipment

In House Prototyping Tools: Masterwood Project 316K CNC Router Bridgeport Mill with upgraded CNC Control Bits from Bytes BFB 3000 3d Printer Pinnacle M-30 Laser Cutter/Engraver Sherline 4000 Series Lathe Sherline 5000 Series 3 Axis Mill with CNC control

Laser Cutter Tests: Veneer

Laser Cutter Tests: Leather

Stepper Winch