Motim and other elements of Sketch Collaborative were tasked by Faurecia to fundamentally redesign the automotive seat cushion. The goal was to reduce the foam composition in the seat without hurting comfort and provide better lateral support while reducing pelvic drift. After several months of a wide and varied exploration, the design focused on a compliant surface with an underlying suspension system.

The end result was a entirely novel cushion design with a strict slating structure and non-linear springs. The suspension system allows the seat to respond quickly as the occupant shifts their position while guiding their pelvis to return to the proper location. The slatted surface provides compliance in the desired directions and support where desired. As opposed to foam, which deforms in the direction of applied force, the compliant surface can be made to deform in any direction.

The concepts developed in this project were stylized into the “Urban Rhythm” seat presented by Faurecia at the Los Angeles auto show in November 2012.

Based on prototypes developed at Motim Industries, the video shows Faurecia’s new Urban Rhythm seat being demonstrated at the 2012 LA Auto Show.

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