Engineering Analysis:
-Statistical tolerance analysis (Six Sigma design)
-Stress and strength calculations
-Finite element analysis, both commercial and custom software
-Kinematic analysis
-Thermal modeling and analysis
-Multi-parameter optimization

Mechanical Design:
-High stress component design
-Mechanism design
-Electromechanical system design
-Design of low volume capital equipment manufacture
-Design of high volume consumer goods
-Manufacturing fixture and jig design

Electrical Design:
-Microcontroller driven process control (primarily Atmel and PIC based)
-Motor control
-Signal conditioning
-Sensor based circuits
-Wireless communication
-PC interface devices

Regulatory Matters:
-FDA compliant design and process familiarity
-IEC 60601
-IPX0 through IPX6, including custom internal testing hardware

Software Capabilities:
-Microcontroller firmware
-Custom PC based applications
-Database and cloud based programming
-Motion control applications

Prototyping Capabilities:
-3 Axis CNC mills (Desktop and knee mill with 2kw servo drives)
-3 Axis CNC router, 110″ x 35″ x 3″ working envelope
-40W laser cutter, 18″ x 24″ working envelope
-Fused Deposition Modeler
-Basic metal and woodworking facilities