Mahogany Keyboard Cover

So this was a quick project I thought would be fun late on a friday. The premise here is simple: take some wood veneer and cutout key covers for a usb keyboard we had around to give it a nice wood finish look. There are a few examples out there for macbook keyboards that I’ve seen (I think there was a kickstarter for one recently). The keyboard we had in house is VERY similar to the Apple wireless keyboard, though […]

Radius Gauge

So, one of the tricky things you find with modeling physical parts is that its very difficult to accurately measure the curvature of a face or radius on a fillet. Often, a set of calipers will get most of the linear measurements accurately, but we’re stuck guessing or making up the radius of parts when modeling them in CAD. So I looked around at some samples of radius gauges on the market and decided to take a few minutes to […]